Some details...

So who is a totally normal-looking rabbit? While I imagine it'll be easy for any web detective to work out my real identity, I would prefer to stay anonymous. That said, I'll share a few details as realistically what's the harm. I'm a full-time indie game developer, and I have been for multiple years, so something's going right. No, you likely haven't heard of anything I've made, and it'll stay that way as I don't plan on self-promoting here; business opportunities be damned!

When it comes to likes, I'm a big fan of video games, duh, manga/comics & podcasts. I'm a path of least resistance type of person, so I'm sitting pretty on most modern systems, with a majority digital library.

I like good food, but I have low standards; as long as it's not straight-up inedible, I'll likely be happy - which is good as I'm an awful cook. I believe this is down to my aversion to recipes, preferring to experiment without the requisite foundational knowledge. In recent years I've made an effort to cook less and generally get in better shape, which has been interesting!

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