Out of nowhere!

As an unwritten rule, I would like to keep the writing here positive. Still, I'm going to take just a moment to say that truthfully, I despise social media.

Sure, it's useful for... Work? News? Something, but I've never felt particularly satisfied scrolling through an endless feed of stuff; it all feels so impersonal. Give me GeoCities any day of the week; heck, I'll settle for custom MySpace profiles! The same day I wrote that last sentence, I found out that Neocities was a thing! If you miss the "old web" at all, jump in! You've got nothing to lose, and we've got a lot to gain as my broader point is, I don't like how homogenous the web has become.

So I'm proudly stating that this plain-looking website is MINE. 100% rabbit made; it's poorly coded, poorly written and barely thought out, but hey, it's here.

Anyway, good luck getting around and have a read!

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